Road-iQ | Product Video

Product Video


Create a Road-iQ informational video that can be played at Telogis Latitude 2018. It needed to function with or without sound and should emphasize how Road-iQ can fit with Verizon’s current Vehicle as a Hub offerings.


Find a way to pivot the system’s functionality to a viable complement to Verizon’s solution.


Give the viewer the opportunity to ponder the possibilities of the system. Focus more on what it can do as opposed to what it is being used for now. Rather than try to speak to specific features demonstrate value through in context use.


A short video that hooked trade show passerby and funneled them to our subject matter experts. The video received positive feedback from both our sales reps as well as Verizon staffers. The video has provided a solid template for Road-iQ’s messaging and will be used in a variety of applications going forward.