MBD | Environmental Art Exhibition


Environmental Design


Concept and craft supporting video graphics to accompany Milwaukee musician, Miesha Siegfried’s ‘Moments Before Dark’ exhibition. All work done was to the end of an immersive atmosphere at the cross section of art, music, and design.


Find a way to create and support a cohesive theme across physical installations and digital pieces.


We decided that ‘Moments Before Dark’ was about transformation and explored the ephemeral nature of experience. Our goal was to give the viewer a loose narrative structure to connect to the show but allow them to project their own experience through abstraction.


A successful debut showing of “Moments Before Dark” was had on August 29th 2018 at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts in Riverwest. The debut show was well attended and received. Misha has plans for follow up shows that will build off of the momentum of ‘Moments’.